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My new book 'The 10ȼ Decision' is packed with real-life stories about customer service experiences, opportunities and successes.

With the book release coming up quickly, here's a sneak peek: an excerpt from the chapter on E-Zones about a very excited birthday boy and his balloons...

Get it here:

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Called my dentist to reschedule an appointment last week (it's July, remember). I was placed on a long hold...and listened to over THREE minutes of Christmas music and encouragement to invest in dental implants "as a gift to yourself this holiday season!"

Another I get a lot: “I will return the Tuesday after Labor Day” and they mean Labor Day 2018...

Folks, set a calendar reminder and check your outbound messaging on a regular basis!

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Spotted this sign recently at a valet station, clearly meant for employees but in full view of every customer! Sure, it's great to encourage staff to keep the cars safe, but this isn't for customers' eyes...

As my friend said, "I wonder what their all-time high is? Because if it's 77 days, I'll park my own car, thanks!"

Take a moment to make sure your employee signage is only visible to employees and be sure you're sending the right message to your customers.

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