Guest Encounters: Customer Service and Staff Development

This month, I’ll begin sharing the tools and resources I’ve developed over 20 years of customer service training and public speaking. With over two dozen exercises and articles, the resulting book covers the two biggest parts of my work: customer service and staff development.

Attendees at my events and training sessions have received this content during their time with me, and continue using it long afterwards. As I work with more organizations and associations in need of training, I realized all of this could be useful to you, too.

Here’s how it’ll work: every week, I’ll post a new blog with a new section of the book. You’ll get the basics in the blog post, and you’ll have the opportunity to receive the full section as a PDF. Here’s an idea of what we’ll cover:

  • Authentic Connecting
  • Impact of Body Language
  • Customer Appreciation
  • Packaging that Gets Noticed
  • Generational Issues
  • Personality Assessments
  • Hiring and Onboarding
  • Creating Fun in the Workplace
  • Behaviors that Build Business
  • Winning Back Lost Guests
  • And so much more!

It’ll take a while to get through all the content, so keep an eye on this space (and my Facebook and LinkedIn) for new content every week. I’m releasing it bit by bit so that you can pick and choose what you need, what’s most helpful to your business and your staff. If one week’s content isn’t particularly relevant, you can check in again in another week and find a new tool you do need.

Every post will be recapped in my monthly newsletters. If you’re not receiving those yet, sign up now in the field below. Can’t wait to put all this great information in your hands.

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