A Winning Campaign – Meet Bob the Bridge

Earlier this month, the Upper Midwest Convention and Visitors Bureau (or UMCVB to its friends) held their annual Fall Conference. I was lucky enough to be the afternoon keynote speaker. As you probably know, one of my favorite parts of attending conferences like this is what I get to learn from the people I’m speaking to.

Before the event, the organizers gave its members—various tourism offices around the region—a challenge: create an innovative marketing idea to encourage visitors to your town or city.

Well, the winner of the contest was announced at the conference, and I just had to speak to the team who took home the top prize! As part of their winning campaign, Visit Omaha did something totally original: they gave one of their most popular local landmarks a voice!

Check out the video below for clips from these fun, funny ads plus my interview with Michele Hayes from Visit Omaha.

This campaign hits all the right notes. The team has had fun with the concept while keeping true to their brand and overall goals. It’s a great campaign that delivers great results.

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