Energy Levels in Communication: Find Your E-Zone

What is the E-Zone?

A subtle change you can make to your communication skills is to evaluate your energy level. I call it the E-Zone. Think about energy kind of like a heart monitor. There’s a range that’s acceptable, and you go up and down inside that range.

The Susie Sunshines come to work and say, “Good morning!” in a high-pitched, drawn out voice. They are outside the E-Zone level, on the high side.

On the other hand, The Boring Bobs drag themselves to work saying, “I can’t believe it’s Monday.” in a monotone boring sounding voice. They need to bring their energy up. Once inside the energy zone, we are up and down depending on the situation.

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Evaluate the situation to choose your E-Zone

Consider several factors to choose your energy level. First, evaluate the situation. For example, in healthcare, the tone to use when communicating bad news to a patient is much different from the tone of good news.

Next, the personality and age of the person you are communicating with plays a role in your tone. The sound of a serious academic type is different from an outgoing demonstrative person, and the tone of a young adult differs from that of a baby boomer.

Finally, your own personality factors in when communicating. The friendly, outgoing, high-pitched voice is perceived differently than the neutral, quiet, low-pitched voice.

Be aware of your own zone

Consequently, awareness of your own E-Zone is important. Being fully present in a situation, actively listening, and accurately responding are key. What is the one area where you can best improve your E-Zone? Is it the energy at the start of the day? Are you an engaged listener? Are you fully present in the conversation?

Consider learning more about personality profiling or generational issues that impact your business. Be aware of voice tone, pace, pitch, or enthusiasm to match each situation. To thrive in the E-Zone, evaluate where you are.

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