Packaging That Gets Noticed

How do you name and market your business? How do you package your products, services, and specials? What will set you apart in the marketplace? Here’s an excerpt from an article I wrote about those important questions:

For years, I had a program called Superior Customer Service. Clients rarely chose this program for their events or conferences. When they did, however, they were happy with the content I delivered. I knew the speech was good, but the way I packaged it didn’t attract prospective clients like I thought it would.

I was complaining about this one day to a friend. She said, “Well, tell me about your speech.”

I replied, “I show people how hot ideas are everywhere to attract and keep new customers. You just need to know where to look for them. My speech explains that.”

She responded with a story about her favorite Mexican dish and the way certain restaurants hide the jalapeños in the mix, meaning she can’t tell when the bite will be spicy or not.

I thought about what she said: “I want to see the jalapeños coming.” It stuck.

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Later in the week, a large association called to ask if I had any topics on customer service. I answered, “Yes, I have a new program titled I Want to See the Jalapeño Coming: Thee Hot Recipe to Attract and Keep New Customers.”

She enthusiastically replied, “We’re doing a whole Mexican theme! This is perfect!” It was the first time a client didn’t start out by asking how much I charged. After all, we know customers buy because they’re attracted to a product or service. They’re not buying based on price alone, which is a good thing.

I started to realize that how we package and title our products and services is a strong concept. How does this apply to other types of industries?

Subway had the five-dollar foot long sandwich deal. Thee story of the campaign traces back to 2004 when Steward Frankel, an owner of two Subway franchises in Miami, Florida, began selling the subs for five dollars on weekends and saw the sales spike without even marketing them.

Soon, it rippled out to other franchises and eventually became a fresh campaign for the entire brand. Add a catchy jingle, and you’ve got yourself a hit. They packaged it creatively, and it was a success.

How do you inspire people to come to your door? You don’t have to be a famous brand to use this concept. If you’re a small company, think in terms of short term promotions instead of an entire company rebranding or expensive ad campaigns. I know of an oil change business that displays a flashing light marque when there’s no wait. Another example is a car wash that picks a first name daily and puts it on their marquee. If that’s your name and you can prove it, you get a free car wash!

Creative packaging sells because it sets you apart from the competition.

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