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Secret Shopping Services

Ever wondered how your customer service is viewed through the eyes of your guest? Well now you can find out in an easy and cost-effective way. We can work together to send in an undercover customer to evaluate everything from hello to goodbye and everything in between.

Many owners and managers have told us that they know the service is good when they are present, but they wonder if the same is true when they are not around. Our system gives you that answer.

After one of our encounter specialists calls or visits your place of business posing as a real customer, a confidential report is provided on the entire experience. This includes feedback on areas of service discussed with you in advance and customized to your objectives. We also provide observations of real customer interactions that occur at the time of our visit.

Suggestions for improvement are specific and manageable. We also provide access to a hand-picked group of 30 experts who can provide additional training at a pace that is right for you.

Intrigued? Let’s pop over to the undercover site and I can tell you more.

Customer Service Online Training

“Laurie, can we take you home with us?”

What a nice way of saying they liked my keynote, and they want to talk about bringing me in for onsite training.

“Yes!,” I used say aloud, and we’d talk about onsite training.

Then I traveled and trained, traveled back and re-trained the new hires who missed the first round. Rinse and repeat across the country for years. You get the idea.

Then along came the virtual training. Now, when people ask if they can take me home with them, I say “Yes! And you can keep me!”

That’s because now I deliver customer service training to your employees whenever and wherever you want—online. One-to-one or one-to-many. On demand, at your own pace, 24/7.

It’s still me, albeit the virtual me, along with the best of my laugh-while-learning training material recorded in modules that are available whenever you want them.

Want to learn more? Call the live me: (815) 758-5580 or click the virtual me for a sneak peek:

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