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You’ve built a solid business. You’re a leader in your organization. You’re a member of the team ready to take on more. You need a practical, action-oriented approach to staff development and customer service that will positively impact your bottom line and your career, a guide that will take both to the next level. The 10¢ Decision is for you.

Compiling Laurie Guest’s lessons from more than three decades as a customer service expert, The 10¢ Decision is an abundance of quick tips and deep dives intended to make immediate, positive changes in your customer service delivery. Purposefully designed to be a quick read, The 10¢ Decision is packed with fun stories, spot-on examples and questions to ask yourself to drive results.

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Inside The 10¢ Decision

If you really want to provide exceptional service and keep customers coming back, focus on small changes.

As two books in one, The 10¢ Decision is purposefully designed to be a quick read, one that’s high on actionable steps that will make an immediate impact on your customer service delivery.

With over 30 years of experience in customer service and staff development, Laurie Guest shares lessons and methods developed firsthand to drive success, with plenty of wisdom and humor along the way.

For Leaders

Business owners and leadership will gain insight into:

  • Packaging that gets noticed — how branding, bundling and bling impact every guest interaction
  • Behaviors that build business — four behaviors that keep your business growing
  • Internal customer service — ensuring that your employees feel as valued as your customer
  • Putting it all together — combining it all into your brand of “secret sauce” for success

…and so much more.

For Team Members

Staff members and future management will learn:

  • Anticipating customer needs — how a little bit of insight can go a long way
  • Service from a different perspective — the secret shopper techniques that expose opportunities to improve
  • The power of positive positioning — what it takes to ensure a guest is never disappointed
  • Interpersonal skills — from body language to non-verbal communication, it all matters

…and so much more.

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The 10¢ Decision

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