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Secret shopping and staff training
to improve your customer service delivery

“The Guest Encounter was a valuable tool for our organization. I witnessed measurable improvements across the board. Any businesses interested in superior customer service can benefit from their advice.”

– Richard Harms, Holcomb State Bank President


Your Customer Service Training Solution

Your customer service reputation needs improvement. Your team is ready for a refresher. Chances are, there’s room to level up how you interact with your customers, and the Guest Encounters Virtual Training library delivers the self-driven, comprehensive solution you need. Explore the many options, and get instant, unlimited access to the tool to right away.

What is a

guest encounter?

At its core, a Guest Encounter offers feedback, recommendations and training to improve your customer service delivery based on Laurie Guest’s years of experience and knowledge. Each encounter is completely customized to ensure your biggest problems are solved, from live secret shopping in your place of business to staff training retreats and virtual training tools for your entire team.

Virtual Training

A complete training tool accessible online, with lessons from Laurie Guest, interviews with experts and workbooks to drive the learnings home.

On-Site Engagements

Bring Laurie Guest on site to offer all-team training, a custom day of workshops or a keynote program designed for you.

Secret Shopping

Ever wonder what your customers really experience? Our team of secret shoppers will visit your office or store, interact with your team and deliver our findings for improvement.

guest encounters

makes your customer service delivery a priority

Discover a Guest Encounter that will help your team deliver customer service excellence every single time.