Bust Out

of Service Fatigue

What is Service Fatigue? And how do we

bust out?

Service fatigue is the exhaustion leaders and staff (and even customers) feel that prevents them from delivering (or appreciating) excellent customer service experiences.
A stressful few years at home and at work has led to a variety of challenges in our personal and work lives, but the truth is, service fatigue can strike at any time.
Now is the time for you, your team and anyone struggling to Bust Out of Service Fatigue — for good!

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The Keynote

Bring my new, interactive keynote program—with an optional gaming component—to your next event, conference or team retreat. We'll cover the key causes of Service Fatigue and how to overcome them, individually and as a team. Get in touch to learn more and build the perfect program for your needs and budget.


The Frontline Toolkit

If you're ready to bust out now, access my Bust Out of Service Fatigue Frontline Toolkit immediately. This self-guided toolkit contains everything you need to get to the bottom of your Service Fatigue and bust out of it once and for all. The Frontline Toolkit includes:

  • Bust Out of Service Fatigue, my new book (in digital format)
  • A self-assessment review to determine your level of Service Fatigue
  • Interactive discussion questions for deeper understanding
  • Eight bonus videos where I guide you through each lesson, available for unlimited, lifetime reference

The Six Factors of

Service Fatigue

Through a custom keynote program and the Frontline Toolkit, Bust Out of Service Fatigue dives into the six key factors behind this type of workplace exhaustion and how to overcome each. We'll cover how to:

  • Armor Up to Bust Out, and why having the right tools to beat fatigue makes all the difference
  • Build Better Boundaries, and what happens when there aren't any (or they aren't strong enough)
  • Crave More Joy, and the key role this essential emotion plays in delivering excellent customer service
  • Invest in Rest, and learn how sleep isn’t the only form of recharging
  • Cope With Change, and ways to make this inevitable part of life more manageable
  • Embrace Leadership, and why each member of a team should take a bit of ownership

Get back to excellent customer service delivery by digging into the tools you and your team need to bust out of service fatigue — for good!

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