Keynotes that entertain, educate and engage.

Laurie's perfect blend of humor & content enables your team to make every customer interaction an

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With decades of experience in customer service training and keynote speaking, Laurie Guest is a go-to resource for entertaining and informative programs that leave audiences with a new set of skills to immediately begin delivering better customer service.

Today, 90% of consumers use customer service as a factor in deciding whether or not to do business with a company.

That means it simply can't be left to chance. What's more, the ability to deliver remarkable experiences isn't always common sense. Team members and leaders need to be trained on the skills, strategies and tools that make exceptional customer service possible, and Laurie’s programs are the perfect place to start.

Laurie Guest Keynotes & Workshops

From center stage to the conference room, Laurie Guest has a keynote, program or workshop that's

right for you.

Personable and relevant, every program is refined to speak directly to the audience, taking into consideration factors like experience level, industry and desired outcomes. Laurie delivers programs with humor and heart that educate and inform while they entertain.

The 10¢ Decision

How Small Change Pays Off Big

Built around her latest book, The 10¢ Decision is Laurie's keynote presentation that features real-world stories, spot-on examples and actionable insights into immediately improving your customer service delivery.

Seeking a Smart, Effective Solution?

Ready for a Morale Boost?

Life in the Espresso Lane

How to Be Smooth, Bold and Balanced in a Fast-Paced World

Laurie's classic keynote presentation, Life in the Espresso Lane is an entertaining, energetic program designed to boost morale and impart helpful wisdom applicable at work and in life.

Bust Out of Service Fatigue

Six Ways to Re-energize Frontline Staff

Bust Out of Service Fatigue provides actionable solutions, innovative ideas and just enough inspiration to empower your team to serve customers with excellence every single time.

Ready to Re-harness Excellence?

In Need of the Right Words?

Courageous Conversations

Learn the Keys to Productive, Effective Communication

With Courageous Conversations, discover the best ways to open up new lines of communication and navigate even the trickiest interactions, from difficult customers to interpersonal relationships.

The reviews are in, and Laurie Guest was clearly the favorite speaker of our entire national meeting! She customized her message like no other —and she was funny!

Debra Engelhardt-Nash,
American Association of Dental Consultants

"Thank you for your great presentation! The subject matter was spot on for our staff, and it provided important and relevant information with humor that kept them laughing. I’m responsible for this event and its success. YOU MADE ME LOOK GREAT! "
Merry Bachim,
WEA Member Benefits

excellent customer service

is anything but an afterthought.

At every program and keynote, Laurie provides practical solutions for immediate results, moving your customer service delivery from the background to the very heart of your business success.