Compliance and Accountability: Make it Known


What does a business that’s doing well have? What does the staff of a business need in order to be satisfied in their jobs?

Because I’ve worked with hundreds of businesses over the course of my career, I have learned that businesses with strong compliance and accountability do well and have staff who are satisfied with their jobs. Achieving team buy-in means that all team members are on board with the same dedication and desire to deliver the goods.

Compliance begins with the foundation of a solid onboarding system. Onboarding is the knowledge, skills, and behaviors that lead to understanding the culture of your organization and ultimately to long-term success. (See more in Onboarding segment)

Onboarding doesn’t only have to begin on day one. It begins when compliance rules are in place for the first time. Even if you’ve never had a policy and procedure manual before, you can create one. The bottom line is that an employee can’t follow rules that aren’t written, spoken, posted, or taught.

Accountability begins with putting non-negotiables in place, holding your team responsible for following those rules, and finally understanding and valuing your culture.

Sam Silverstein, the author of Non-Negotiable, is an expert on accountability. After reading his book, I realized the impact this process can have on any organization, big or small.

I recently developed a list of non-negotiables in my office of only two people. You have to be dedicated to your beliefs. You have to know your mission and develop your own list of non-negotiables. It can and will have a massive impact on your long-term success and employee satisfaction.


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An entrepreneur, keynote speaker and author, Laurie Guest, CSP is a “go-to-resource” for customer service excellence. For more than two decades, she has shared her practical point of view on customer service and staff development with audiences and companies across the country, blending real-life examples and proven action steps for improvement. Her latest book, The 10¢ Decision: How Small Change Pays of Big, presents her most sought-after and impactful strategies to find and retain the best staff and highest-quality customers while delivering exceptional guest experiences.

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