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Thanks for stopping by! I’ve been speaking to teams, companies and leaders for decades, and time and again, these are the most requested — and most helpful! — resources I share with anyone looking to improve their customer service game.

I call it my Quick Six of Customer Service, and I think you’ll find at least one or two gems here that you can put to use today. Use the links below to get any one of the six resources as a PDF, or snag all six here (.zip).

The Big Seven of Service

After secret shopping many companies over the years, I started teaching what I call the Big 7 of Service. As you read, rate yourself on a 1 to 5 scale on your ability to consistently deliver on each of the Big 7. Get the Article

It’s ShowTime!

Great customer service doesn’t just happen. How often do we tell the customer things that happen behind the curtain that they don’t need to know? Once the lights go on and the door is unlocked in your business, it is showtime. Get the Article

Is My Body Language Showing?

It’s so important to factor in body language when it comes to making a first impression. Before you open your mouth to speak, you
 have already delivered a message. The words you speak, intertwined with your body language, communicate whether you are approachable or unapproachable, and so much more. Get the Article

Scripting for Superior Communication

Scripting for superior communication means using the right words at the right time for a desired result. Avoid the robotic “Do you want fries with that?” Instead, put words together in a professional, classy way that communicates great service. Here’s an excerpt from my article on just how to do this. Get the Article

How to Deal with an Angry Customer

Nobody wants them, yet we all have them—angry customers. It doesn’t matter what position you hold in the office, knowing how to handle the dissatisfied consumer is crucial. Here are 12 steps to deal with this combustible situation. Get the Article

Bust Out of Service Fatigue

Discover the what, when, why and how of Service Fatigue, and how to bust out of it once and for all! Get the Article

I hope you’ll let me know how these work for you. Shoot me an email here, or find me on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to tell me just how these tips, tools and strategies worked for you.

And remember: my Quick Six is just a sampling of the training I offer to teams and leadership, both in person and virtually. If you’re interested in working together more closely, learn more about my services at GuestEncounters.com and get in touch today. Can’t wait to work with you!

Meet Laurie Guest

Meet Laurie Guest

An entrepreneur, keynote speaker and author, Laurie Guest, CSP is a “go-to-resource” for customer service excellence. For more than two decades, she has shared her practical point of view on customer service and staff development with audiences and companies across the country, blending real-life examples and proven action steps for improvement. Her latest book, The 10¢ Decision: How Small Change Pays of Big, presents her most sought-after and impactful strategies to find and retain the best staff and highest-quality customers while delivering exceptional guest experiences.

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  1. Kim Leistner Root on March 3, 2020 at 10:38 am

    Hi Laurie,
    I loved your presentation at CILCSA in February, and we purchased several copies of your book for our managers and are doing a bookclub review in a few weeks. Do you have a suggested list of follow-up questions for use for the Leader section? We are ready and discussing that portion first, then the team perspective.

    Also, the link for the zip file for your Quick 6 doesn’t work. I was able to extract the articles one by one (and they are great!) but I wanted to let you know about the broken link.

    We hope to see you again in Central IL.

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