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Word Swap for Customer Success: Is it me? Am I the problem?

Word Swap is back, and you get to be the judge on this one! Do I have a reasonable complaint or am I expecting too much? Here’s the deal: A...

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Shoehorned Into Customer Service Excellence 

Tip: scroll to the end of this article to watch Laurie's brief overview video! There’s no doubt that the pandemic forced us to adjust how we did business for a time, for everyone’s health and safety. In many instances,  businesses were forced to make their services fit into new regulations, which...
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What Does Your Billboard Say? Make it Noteworthy!   When a customer experiences our service, good or bad, they become walking, talking billboards. I’m like any other buyer: I seem to notice and share about the negative experiences more than the positive. So today, I am changing that up a little and sharing a memorable and noteworthy experience, a...
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Don’t Be Stingy: It’s Time to Treat Yourself! 

Our beloved dog Otis has started to show his age. With his 12th birthday coming up next month, he has taken on the attributes of a true senior. He wants to eat dinner at 4:30, go to bed by 8, and is slow to get up from a resting position.  Over the past year, his appetite has diminished...
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What’s Been GOOD About This Time?

The month of March brings hope. Spring is around the corner, and we're so close to life after COVID. So this month, I want to know what has been GOOD for you over the last year? Lately, I've been hearing from others about the silver linings of this challenging year...

“Armor Up” for Post-Pandemic Business Trends

Well, we made it through 2020! Although all of our problems didn’t magically go away with the flip of the calendar page, I’m more optimistic than ever that we’ll find our way to the other side soon. As I think about what’s ahead for businesses this year, one thing is...

Theme for 2021: Try New Things!

At the end of every year, I choose a theme for a new one. I deliberately don't make resolutions; those are just made to be broken! A theme, however, can set the tone for the year ahead and put you on track for whatever you want to accomplish or however...

Mind the Door This Holiday Season

We are headed into the final push of serving our customers during a holiday rush. I think it's possible that this season could be one of the most challenging we faced in a long time. Why? Because the customer emotions may be running hotter and the pocketbooks may be running thinner. What does that mean? It...

Shake Your Brain: The Opportunity of Choice

Today's guest is an Olympic 400 meter hurdler and the founder of the Believe Institute. As if that wasn't enough to catch your interest right out of the gate, she's also a past contestant on the Amazing Race Canada. From the moment I met Sarah, her energy and enthusiasm gave...

Shake Your Brain: Don’t Dwell on the Difficult

In this episode, I invite the dynamic duo of Thom Singer and Eliz Greene. They both have an interesting background, which you can read on the show page, but the part I want to highlight in this short video introduction, is their series called the Webinar Talk Show where they interview a variety of industry specialists...