The Power of Service: Be Prepared for Customer Service Week

Since 1991, the first week of October has been deemed National Customer Service Week by the Customer Service Group. With the week quickly approaching this year (October 4-8), I’m getting a...

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Smart Communications: The Complete Series

As the country adjusted to a "new normal" during the public health crisis, it became clear just how important it would be to find a way to stay connected when I couldn't be out on the road with you. Thanks to the wonders of technology, the Smart Communications series was...
Reset pic

Disruption Is a Perfect Time to Reset Your Service Levels

We have never seen anything like this: a total disruption of our world. This pandemic has impacted our daily lives from small things like gathering with friends to the huge alterations to our livelihood and financial stability as a country. After more than two weeks in my self-sequestered status, I...
Ellie with Santa

Living in the Moment 

It’s been a challenging month in the world of professional speaking. Society’s reaction to the potential threat of the Coronavirus has caused a domino effect, not only in the meetings industry but to every adjacent business that handles travel and large group gatherings. I am not in position to give commentary on...
5 spa photo outside

Losing Sight of Your Special Features 

Is it possible you have been working at your current place of business for so long you have lost focus on some of the special touches or features that a customer cares about?  On a recent trip to Maui, I treated myself to a spa experience. Because there are so many to choose...
WC group photo

A Great Way to Spend an Extra Day

Leap day has a magic feel to it. As we all know, once every four years we add a day to our calendar as a corrective measure because the Earth doesn’t orbit the sun in precisely 365 days. Although many may see this as a chance for extra recess, for...
4 Tasting Experience

The Genius Marketing (and Curious Demise) of Jack Daniels 

The Guest Family holiday vacation in 2019 landed us in Nashville. At the last minute, we decided to make the 60-mile trek to Lynchburg to tour the Jack Daniels Distillery. What an amazing job they do at the visitor center and with the tour of the plant! We learned the whiskey-making process and enjoyed a sample flight of...
2 High Point Restaurant

A Unique Approach to Teaching Life Skills 

Recently I had the honor of attending a private dinner party at the Prime Steak House located on the campus of High Point University in North Carolina. This institution, led by Dr. Nido Qubein, has every special touch you can imagine. From reserved parking spots with visitors’ names on a marquee to golf carts that help students get where they need to be. So, I expected to...

Witness To A Dream Come True

Have you ever had a front-row seat to watch a friend’s dream come true? I did in mid-January of this year, and it was quite a moment.  My friend and professional speaking colleague, Kelly Swanson, has spent a lifetime as a storyteller. For years, she had a dream to create...
3 Interior Pine Creek Escape

The Impact of a Name

Every few years, I enjoy a visit to a cabin in Oregon, Ill. called the White Pines Family Cabins. This is a place away from the bustle of the work week and, even in the winter, offers a view that is wonderfully remote and relaxing. This year, I decided to...