Theme for 2021: Try New Things!

At the end of every year, I choose a theme for a new one. I deliberately don't make resolutions; those are just made to be broken! A theme, however, can...

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3 Interior Pine Creek Escape

The Impact of a Name

Every few years, I enjoy a visit to a cabin in Oregon, Ill. called the White Pines Family Cabins. This is a place away from the bustle of the work week and, even in the winter, offers a view that is wonderfully remote and relaxing. This year, I decided to...

A Little Bling Goes a Long Way

Every now and then, I hear from people who attended my keynote presentations. My favorite email this month?  Laurie, we LOVED you Wednesday at our corporate event.  Everyone is still talking about you and your awesome lessons. Thank you!  Diane, Associate Manager Kind words never get old, do they? In...

Three Secrets Successful Event Hosts Need to Know

One of the recent events I spoke at ended with a standing ovation, that’s how good the five-minute speech was on a hot summer day in August. No, it wasn’t the speech I gave. It was the closing address presented by a former student at Colonial Intermediate Unit 20 in...
Two Free Chapters: “Wrapped in Stillness” and “The 10¢ Decision”

Two Free Chapters: “Wrapped in Stillness” and “The 10¢ Decision”

Thank you for your interest in Wrapped in Stillness and The 10¢ Decision. As promised, please find your free chapters at the links below. Wrapped in Stillness The 10¢ Decision Looking for more? Get both books from Laurie's online store. Or explore virtual program options. Something else? Get in touch.
laurie guest

Theme Living: Better Than a Resolution!

For a decade now, I've been living each year according to a theme. It's different from a resolution (which we never keep anyways), and I love how it sets the tone for the next 12 months of my life. Watch to hear what my Theme for 2019 is, and share...
laurie guest heather land

Ready to Laugh? My Conversation with Heather Land

Have you heard of Heather Land? Maybe not, and that's OK. Allow me to introduce you: she's a comedian who made a splash with YouTube videos that make me laugh out loud every time. Here's one of my favorites: Isn't she hilarious? All her videos are short and sweet—and...
lg omaha

A Winning Campaign – Meet Bob the Bridge

Earlier this month, the Upper Midwest Convention and Visitors Bureau (or UMCVB to its friends) held their annual Fall Conference. I was lucky enough to be the afternoon keynote speaker. As you probably know, one of my favorite parts of attending conferences like this is what I get to learn...

Changing the Rules of Tug o’ War

If I said, “Let’s play a game of tug of war,” but gave you no other instructions, what would you do as soon as I handed your team the rope? Of course, you would pull as hard as you could against the other team and try to drag them to...

Boardgame Behaviors That Build Business

Building business is not easy. If it were, everyone would do it. Consider four behaviors that build business, all based on one of my favorite things: boardgames. Each is simple to understand, but may not always be easy to deliver. Read up and do your best! When I was a...