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Living in the Moment 

It’s been a challenging month in the world of professional speaking. Society’s reaction to the potential threat of the Coronavirus has caused a domino effect, not only in the meetings industry but...

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Successful team of business people giving high five in the office

Teamwork Essentials

If you are a member of a team, working with your team is essential. Team building is one of the most frequently requested topics in my work with organizations. I always ask the client to first reflect on what teamwork means in his or her environment. Does it mean that...

On Consistency And Productivity

Does lack of consistency and low productivity impact your work environment? How? What tools have you tried to get back on track? During my days of managing others, there were three specific techniques I used to help people be more consistent and productive that are worthy of sharing. Weekly meetings...

Compliance and Accountability: Make it Known

What does a business that’s doing well have? What does the staff of a business need in order to be satisfied in their jobs? Because I’ve worked with hundreds of businesses over the course of my career, I have learned that businesses with strong compliance and accountability do well and...

The Appreciation Formula

When I was in my early 20s, I left a job solely because I felt undervalued and under-appreciated. When I look back on that experience, I realize that may not have been true. I probably needed a little maturity to understand what was really going on. Regardless, I left a...
guest encounters

(Re)Introducing Guest Encounters

It’s finally ready! Over the last several months, I've re-tooled my Guest Encounters services to make them easier than ever to put to use in your office, business or store. Now you can access this content online through a virtual, entirely customizable customer service and staff development e-learning tool. My...
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Take Your Summer Vacation!

Recently, I visited the Watertown Convention and Visitors Bureau in Watertown, South Dakota. I always love speaking to a group whose job it is to deliver a memorable experience to visitors and vacationers - they're always up for a fun conversation! This trip, I spoke with Julie Knutson, Executive Director...
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Thinking With Your Heart

While keynoting an event in Pennsylvania this week, I had the privilege of witnessing a selfless act of giving. I spoke to the Pennsylvania Association of Intermediate Units. Now, it's less important that you know what the PIAU does (it's an association of the organizations that service schools around Pennsylvania) and...

The Secrets to Retaining Good Staff

During my years as a professional speaker and trainer, I have paid close attention to the actions of successful business management teams. One factor that seems consistent is the ability to retain good staff. I have a few common sense ideas, often overlooked by employers, for retaining good people and...
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Reflecting on National Nurses Week

As May comes to a close, I'm reflecting on the work I did last month with the nurses at the Rutgers Cancer Center. It was an honor to speak at the Elizabeth Gibby Osborne Excellence in Oncology Nursing Awards in New Jersey, and I got to hear a story I really...