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Ready to register? Sign Up Here I call it the “3M” formula, and it’s where everything in excellent customer service delivery starts: motivation, morale and mood. Service Fatigue is real,...

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Be A Brighter Flashlight

I'm launching a new mini-series soon and it's truly changed the way I'm thinking about things these days. Where did it all begin? It started by building a "brighter flashlight" to find my way through these uncertain times. Sharing some thoughts with you about all this in my latest video...
Wrapped In Stillness 3-26 screenshot

What Does Happiness Look Like?

Most of my August was spent in stillness. Quiet contemplation of life and an escape from the noise of our current world. While I was lounging in an Adirondack chair watching sailboats go by in one my favorite places on earth—Door County, Wisconsin—I was reminded that many people need a...

That Tree: What Can You Go Harvest After the Storm?

Several years ago, I discovered That Tree, and I followed its journey through Mark Hirsch's beautiful book and photography. Which is why I was devastated to learn that That Tree was felled by the massive storm that swept across the midwest recently. I'd seen it for myself once before, and...

12 Weeks Without Applause:  7 Lessons Learned During the Stay-at-Home Order 

Anyone who performs their work in front of others where applause is customary after completion will understand this immediately. We thrive on strangers noticing us. Athletes, actors, entertainers, and speakers are all cut from a similar cloth. We spend tremendous time alone perfecting our craft, followed by the adrenalin rush of performing, and ending with affirmation...

Smart Communications: The Complete Series

As the country adjusted to a "new normal" during the public health crisis, it became clear just how important it would be to find a way to stay connected when I couldn't be out on the road with you. Thanks to the wonders of technology, the Smart Communications series was...
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Disruption Is a Perfect Time to Reset Your Service Levels

We have never seen anything like this: a total disruption of our world. This pandemic has impacted our daily lives from small things like gathering with friends to the huge alterations to our livelihood and financial stability as a country. After more than two weeks in my self-sequestered status, I...
Ellie with Santa

Living in the Moment 

It’s been a challenging month in the world of professional speaking. Society’s reaction to the potential threat of the Coronavirus has caused a domino effect, not only in the meetings industry but to every adjacent business that handles travel and large group gatherings. I am not in position to give commentary on...
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Losing Sight of Your Special Features 

Is it possible you have been working at your current place of business for so long you have lost focus on some of the special touches or features that a customer cares about?  On a recent trip to Maui, I treated myself to a spa experience. Because there are so many to choose...
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A Great Way to Spend an Extra Day

Leap day has a magic feel to it. As we all know, once every four years we add a day to our calendar as a corrective measure because the Earth doesn’t orbit the sun in precisely 365 days. Although many may see this as a chance for extra recess, for...