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Embrace Leadership: Revisiting Bust Out of Service Fatigue After re-reading my latest book, Bust Out of Service Fatigue, I was most struck by the chapter on leadership. I want to share a portion of the chapter and...

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October NL venting image

Bust Out of Service Fatigue: Armor Up to Bust Out

Watch an exclusive clip. Have you ever been on the receiving end of someone who needs to “vent”? How about a boss who explodes on you even when the issue at hand is not your fault? You know what I mean: the moment when a person needs to let out...
Garden center thumbnail

Word Swap for Customer Success: Is it me? Am I the problem?

Word Swap is back, and you get to be the judge on this one! Do I have a reasonable complaint or am I expecting too much? Here’s the deal: A few weeks ago, I stopped into a local big box store's lawn and garden department. When I asked an employee...
May 2023 - Empowerment

Real Clients, Real Answers: Stop Second Guessing to Empower Your Team

This month, I want to share a question from a leader of a large health care organization. He asked, “How can get my staff to be more empowered to make decisions?”  As I always say – I don’t know the answer, but I do have the right questions. So I...
April Newsletter - quiet time thumbnail

Real Clients, Real Answers: Invest in Rest with a Quiet Hour

Over the last year, I have been talking a lot about how to “Bust Out of Service Fatigue,” and one of the 6 ways to bust out is to invest in rest. Last month I was giving a program on this topic and a participant approached me with a very...
March Newsletter thumbnail

Real Clients, Real Answers: Face Phone Fear to Connect & Close

Two weeks ago, I talked with a recent program attendee in the technology field, providing amazing solutions to IT customers. He manages a team of people who must get on the phone to close sales. During our exploratory call he said, “I’ve got an issue with some of the team...

Who will you carry in your pocket?

As our year begins its slow fadeout, I like to take a moment of thankful reflection for all that has transpired over 2022.  My family is healthy and happy. Life on the road has resumed at full strength following two years of being mostly grounded. And, I’ve picked up a...
Kid swimming for beah story in destin

What are you seeking? Set Your Intention and Go After It!

Not long ago I had a speaking engagement in Destin, FL. The resort was located on a beautiful beach. The morning of my speech I skinnied-up sideways into an already full elevator for the journey down to the main level. Clearly everyone on board—3 adults and 6 small kids—were headed...

It’s Showtime! – Bust Out of Service Fatigue 

Ready to register? Join the conversation here. You’ve probably heard the phrase “Fake it ‘til you make it.” It’s a reminder that even when you don’t feel like you can perform at your best, sometimes just acting like it will make it so. When it comes to busting out of...

Rest: It’s No Longer Optional! – Bust Out of Service Fatigue

Ready to register? Join the conversation here. REST! Who doesn’t love it? Based on how commonplace it is in our society to not get enough of it, you might assume it’s not many of us! While some cultures have mastered the art of taking breaks during the work day or...