Who will you carry in your pocket?

As our year begins its slow fadeout, I like to take a moment of thankful reflection for all that has transpired over 2022.  My family is healthy and happy. Life...

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2022 Of Centre Target Of Dartboard. Business Hitting To Achieve

Themed Living: My Theme for 2022 — Is it Enough?

Every year about this time I choose a theme for the coming year. I call it theme living, and it’s defined as choosing a word or short phrase to focus on starting January 1 and lasting for the next 365 days. Some years have been fun, like 1998, “The Year of No!” And some years were super challenging, like 2011, “No Soda, No Sass.” (For...

Found! Three Common Mistakes Discovered While Secret Shopping (And How to Fix Them)

One of the premium services I offer to clients seeking to level-up their customer service delivery is Secret Shopping. My team and I experience your business as a customer would and report back on our findings, good, bad or ugly. And of course, we always provide solutions to help your team improve...

The Power of Service: Be Prepared for Customer Service Week

Since 1991, the first week of October has been deemed National Customer Service Week by the Customer Service Group. With the week quickly approaching this year (October 4-8), I’m getting a jump start on the celebration and I hope you will, too. At a time when there’s a lot of noise...
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Changing the Game, NOW!

As a lifelong lover of board games, a statement in a recent report by Forrester® research really grabbed my attention. It said: “Companies have gone from a whack-a-mole approach to playing a very different game in order to advance their customer service.” I was intrigued. What is this new game...

Yes, I’m Talking to YOU!

This space is usually reserved for a monthly lesson on customer service, where I share my latest insights into helping you and your team deliver exceptional guest experiences every single time. We’ll return to that regularly scheduled programming soon, but first I’m excited to share a career milestone that I recently celebrated at the National Speakers Association annual conference...

Shoehorned Into Customer Service Excellence 

Tip: scroll to the end of this article to watch Laurie's brief overview video! There’s no doubt that the pandemic forced us to adjust how we did business for a time, for everyone’s health and safety. In many instances,  businesses were forced to make their services fit into new regulations, which...
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What Does Your Billboard Say? Make it Noteworthy!

https://youtu.be/MLqlBTKwCts   When a customer experiences our service, good or bad, they become walking, talking billboards. I’m like any other buyer: I seem to notice and share about the negative experiences more than the positive. So today, I am changing that up a little and sharing a memorable and noteworthy experience, a...
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Don’t Be Stingy: It’s Time to Treat Yourself! 

Our beloved dog Otis has started to show his age. With his 12th birthday coming up next month, he has taken on the attributes of a true senior. He wants to eat dinner at 4:30, go to bed by 8, and is slow to get up from a resting position.  Over the past year, his appetite has diminished...
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What’s Been GOOD About This Time?

The month of March brings hope. Spring is around the corner, and we're so close to life after COVID. So this month, I want to know what has been GOOD for you over the last year? Lately, I've been hearing from others about the silver linings of this challenging year...