Yes, I’m Talking to YOU!

This space is usually reserved for a monthly lesson on customer service, where I share my latest insights into helping you and your team deliver exceptional guest experiences every single time. We’ll return to that regularly scheduled programming...

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Wrapped In Stillness: Access a Preview Chapter

Today, I’m sharing one of my favorite chapters in my book Wrapped in Stillness: A Personal Retreat Guide about finding closure and the progress that comes with it. I share a personal story about the family farm where I grew up and offer a few thoughtful questions for you to...

Hardier Than Brick

The windows of the old brick building stare blankly as the demolition crew does their work. The growls of diesel engines, the beeping of trucks in reverse, the shattering of glass, and the crashing of collapsing concrete and brick echo across the lot. That one there—on the second floor, southwest...

What? You Just Secret Shopped Us?

What? You just secret shoppped us? That was the response I received from the sales associate at The Crystal Bride dress store in Geneva, IL. Her reaction when she discovered I had completed an undercover customer service audit was a mixture of puzzlement, interest, and maybe a hint of concern....

What Does Customer Service Have in Common with a Car Wash?

One day, ensconced in my car on the conveyor belt of an automatic car wash, I noticed the sun play a trick through my windshield. The light refracted exactly right to create an amazing collage of blues, purples, and greens that mixed with the white, soapy bubbles. The image was...

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Thanks for clicking through from Instagram! Here are the links from my most recent posts: The Trusted Leader Podcast with David Horsager [Audio] Speaker Hall of Fame: Yes, I'm Talking to You! [Article] How to Win Back Lost Customers [Article] Don't Be Stingy: It's Time to Treat Yourself! [Article] Ratchet+Wrench:...

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