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What Does Happiness Look Like?

Most of my August was spent in stillness. Quiet contemplation of life and an escape from the noise of our current world. While I was lounging in an Adirondack chair...

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Is My Body Language Showing?

It's so important to factor in body language when it comes to making a first impression. Before you open your mouth to speak, you
 have already delivered a message. The words you speak, intertwined with your body language, communicate whether you are approachable or unapproachable, and so much more. Here's...
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Transitions That Work: Passing the Baton

One area that receives the lowest scores when we conduct a guest encounter audit for a client is the lack of smooth transitions during the transaction. Imagine a track relay team: one runner has the baton. As he approaches the next runner, they stride in unison for several lengths. He...

Do Not Disappoint: The Power of Positive Positioning

Here is a key sentiment on customer service: once you have set an expectation of a good experience, do not disappoint. Before making a presentation for nurses, I asked a critical care nurse what she wanted her staff to hear during my talk. She responded, “I want you to say,...
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How Technology Saved The Retreat

As a professional speaker who travels for a living, I know that on any given day the weather can mess up plans with clients. Miraculously, in the 24 years that I have been speaking, the weather has impacted my ability to deliver just three times. Tuesday was one of those...
Make an effort to make an authentic connection.

Authentic Connecting, One Step at a Time

Connecting with others to build a relationship in business can oftentimes be difficult. Case in point: my high school job of making donuts at a grocery store. Every Saturday morning, I rose before the sun, arrived at the store, dropped dough balls into grease, then frosted them. Being genuinely happy...
What could you learn in Customer Service 101?

The Big Seven of Customer Service

A few years ago, I went to see the doctor. He said, “Laurie, I’ve got to ask you a question. How is it possible that a motivational speaker can have a weight problem?” I said, “Well, that’s easy. I see the golden arches, and I’m motivated to turn in.” I...
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Guest Encounters: Customer Service and Staff Development

This month, I'll begin sharing the tools and resources I've developed over 20 years of customer service training and public speaking. With over two dozen exercises and articles, the resulting book covers the two biggest parts of my work: customer service and staff development. Attendees at my events and training...

Quick Six of Customer Service

Thanks for stopping by! I've been speaking to teams, companies and leaders for decades, and time and again, these are the most requested — and most helpful! — resources I share with anyone looking to improve their customer service game. I call it my Quick Six of Customer Service, and...

12 Steps to Dealing With Angry Customers

Nobody wants them, yet we all have them—angry customers. It doesn’t matter what position you hold in the office, knowing how to handle the dissatisfied consumer is crucial.  Want this resource as a PDF? Get it here. I've included a training video on this topic at the bottom of the...