The Appreciation Formula

When I was in my early 20s, I left a job solely because I felt undervalued and under-appreciated. When I look back on that experience, I realize that may not have been true. I probably needed a little maturity to understand what was really going on. Regardless, I left a field in which I received…

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guest encounters

(Re)Introducing Guest Encounters

It’s finally ready! Over the last several months, I’ve re-tooled my Guest Encounters services to make them easier than ever to put to use in your office, business or store. Now you can access this content online through a virtual, entirely customizable customer service and staff development e-learning tool. My passion for the topic on…

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The Secrets to Retaining Good Staff

During my years as a professional speaker and trainer, I have paid close attention to the actions of successful business management teams. One factor that seems consistent is the ability to retain good staff. I have a few common sense ideas, often overlooked by employers, for retaining good people and building long-term professional relationships. Want…

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Energy Levels in Communication: Find Your E-Zone

What is the E-Zone? A subtle change you can make to your communication skills is to evaluate your energy level. I call it the E-Zone. Think about energy kind of like a heart monitor. There’s a range that’s acceptable, and you go up and down inside that range. The Susie Sunshines come to work and…

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Scripting for Superior Conversations

Scripting for Superior Communication

Scripting for superior communication means using the right words at the right time for a desired result. Avoid the robotic “Do you want fries with that?” Instead, put words together in a professional, classy way that communicates great service. Here’s an excerpt from my article on just how to do this. Scripting, an often-overlooked technique…

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Packaging That Gets Noticed

How do you name and market your business? How do you package your products, services, and specials? What will set you apart in the marketplace? Here’s an excerpt from an article I wrote about those important questions: For years, I had a program called Superior Customer Service. Clients rarely chose this program for their events…

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Old Change Grosenbachs

How Small Changes Make a Big Impact

Recently, a program attendee did something special. She and her husband own Grosenbach’s Auto Repair in Oglesby, Illinois and she emailed to let me know they tried one of my creative sales ideas. These crafty customer service pros had a sign made that says “If the light’s flashing, no waiting for an oil change.” It worked…

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Is My Body Language Showing?

It’s so important to factor in body language when it comes to making a first impression. Before you open your mouth to speak, you
 have already delivered a message. The words you speak, intertwined with your body language, communicate whether you are approachable or unapproachable, and so much more. Here’s an excerpt on what to…

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Transitions That Work: Passing the Baton

One area that receives the lowest scores when we conduct a guest encounter audit for a client is the lack of smooth transitions during the transaction. Imagine a track relay team: one runner has the baton. As he approaches the next runner, they stride in unison for several lengths. He then passes the baton without…

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Do Not Disappoint: The Power of Positive Positioning

Here is a key sentiment on customer service: once you have set an expectation of a good experience, do not disappoint. Before making a presentation for nurses, I asked a critical care nurse what she wanted her staff to hear during my talk. She responded, “I want you to say, ‘One of your patients will…

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